Goodwill Hunting: Thrift Tips

Trends are always coming back in style, whether bell-bottomed jeans or sheepskin boots. Beyond your current collection of hand-me-downs, vintage or second-hand shopping is a great way to source authentic variations of returning trends. Research suggests that North America is responsible for approximately 10.5 million tonnes of textile and clothing waste disposal annually. Minimize your contributions by getting thrifty with existing creations.


Shopping Second-Hand


Supporting sustainable fashion can feel financially unattainable; second-hand shops are the exception. As endorsed by American rapper Macklemore, thrift shopping is a great way to acquire unique items at an affordable rate. Inventory is supplied by a variety of donors or consignors with varying styles. With patience, you can find your closet’s next holy grail.


Where to Start 


Identifying your personal style can be difficult to navigate. When in doubt, consult your favorite clothing brands and style influencers for inspiration; this will give you an idea of what items to look out for and potential ways to style your finds. Pinterest is a great platform for building your ideal wardrobe in the format of a vision board.


Online Thrift


Retailers are eager to satisfy the growing demand for second-hand and vintage clothing. Online thrifting allows you to filter your searches by brand names, size, or garment type: all convenience, no commute.


Facebook Marketplace

  • An online marketplace occupied by individual sellers and local businesses. The platform offers a simplified e-commerce format that values convenience among buyers and sellers.
  • All sales are made via the chat feature between the buyer and seller.
  • Prices can typically be negotiated.



  • One of the largest online consignment companies that feature authenticated items for up to 90% off their estimated original cost.
  • Receive an additional discount of up to 50% off your first purchase when you sign up with your email address.
  • Purchasing format is as simple as regular online shopping.


The Real Real

  • An online consignment shop that sells authenticated luxury items from your favorite designers, including Gucci, Burberry, Prada, and many more.
  • Sign up with your email address to receive a $25 store credit.
  • Purchasing format is as simple as regular online shopping.



  • A sustainable clothing brand that produces original garments with a second-hand section consisting of preloved Outerknown items.
  • In efforts to keep their clothing out of landfills, the store offers store credit in exchange for preloved Outerknown items that are no longer worn.
  • Purchasing is done on their website directly.


You can find gently worn garments made from quality fabrics. For the items that show their age, bring them to a GreenEarth dry cleaner near you to restore and refresh. Nothing beats the blueprint; clothe yourself with care by sporting second-hand.


GreenEarth dry cleaners can also be used to maintain the quality of your newly purchased items. By caring for your clothing sooner, you can extend its wear. Furthermore, you might consider reselling the garments. Allow us to assist in preserving your pieces for the next owner.